Breast Health Awareness Night

For the Storm’s annual Breast Health Awareness Night, the Storm partnered with the Swedish Cancer Institute to provide education and awareness to fans with important health and screening tips.

Together in 2018, the Storm unveiled its 2018 Breast Health Awareness campaign, ‘Why We Wear Pink.’ Why We Wear Pink’ focused on 12 women: doctors and current and former Swedish Cancer Institute patients, who have been deeply impacted by breast cancer, featuring their journey and resilience in their fight against breast cancer. Storm players, in 1-on-1 conversations with the women from Swedish Cancer Institute, shared with us these deeply moving stories, which were illustrated on unique, custom-made shoes that each Storm player wore on Aug. 3.

The Storm raised $20,743 for the Swedish Cancer Institute Patient Assistance Fund through the silent online auction, which featured the special BHA jerseys and shoes worn by the players that night, and other donations.

In 2017, we raised $11,439 for the Swedish Cancer Institute Patient Assistance Fund.